United Kingdom Reverse Phone Lookup Free


But device makers being a competitive lot, there’s no one standard negotiation – it’s a bit like having to speak six languages. Query on release (qor)[edit]. Really a cell phone provider like sprint, at&t, and verizon, but dan moren of macworld was kind enough to point me in the right direction to an encouragingly titled page at google: port your number out of google voice. Using the international reverse phone lookup tool on this page, select "44" from the dropdown and you will see that 44 is the country code for the united kingdom. While this could be a coincidence, i would strongly advise using the privacy feature whenever you register a new domain name to reduce the risk of receiving an inbox full of junk mail. This was a big victory for rep.

reverse phone lookup united kingdom
reverse phone lookup united kingdom

An 11/01 lawsuit alleged that wws, using a vermont return address. See if any of your friends or acquaintances know how to get in touch with this person. Or when we're lonely, or when our pet bird escapes in the middle of winter,. A multi-mode communication device will typically have at least two associated phone numbers. The farmer spotted the car and tried to flag it down, but mr.   creditphones, which are located at most hotels and airports, accept most major credit cards. If this is the case, you can eat healthy food, and best is you do not have to pay for your groceries every month. It is somehow disappointing that many websites offering this particular service actually require fee for accessing their databases. Finding the person responsible for such things and putting stop to them is possible through a reverse lookup service.

reverse phone lookup united kingdom
reverse phone lookup united kingdom

However, after only two years of service, i know plenty of people that get free stuff from their internet/cable provider. You can find phone lookup apps on itunes or google for ios or android smartphones. This can now be avoided in areas with mobile phone coverage, which are usually more extensive than areas with just land-line penetration. If you have ever tried a free reverse lookup and found the information you received was pretty worthless there is a reason for it. In the market, there are many competitors who wish to throw reverse phone detective off the stage, but they have never won. If you can go to the site, you can first see that a banner on it. Using this type of directory allows you to quickly identify the person so that you can decide what your next step of action should be. , '1x', '2x', '3x', etc. I searched for the number to contact apple about a problem with my ipad. By serving reliable customers, we have achieved prolonged success in the field of digital marketing.

reverse phone lookup united kingdom
reverse phone lookup united kingdom

Unfortunately, there is no way to do a reverse phone, address, or email search. Verizon's best toll-free/800 customer phone number. Sometimes when she's laying on her tummy in her panties i'll go over and grab two handfuls of ass then spank it and spread her butt and rub my cock head on it. In aggregate, mvnos like ting, tello, republic wireless, us mobile, boost mobile, and virgin mobile have millions of subscribers nationwide and offer comparable service to the "big four" carriers. , that was identified on the 16th of june by an anonymous person. I would not advise that you use a paid cell phone directory because they are often incorrectly updated.

reverse phone lookup united kingdom
reverse phone lookup united kingdom

, this online-only system additionally offers unpublished, unlisted and mobile numbers. The remaining 21% would be held by the scores of generic non-brand fringe firms -qwest, frontier, ixc, williams, level 3, and many more – the largest of which has only 2. And a waste of money. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to steal, these scammers are setting up loans, and stealing what money you do have using your credit cards and your accounts. Search address in delhi - the reverse cell lookup free name zaba is set in a government orphanage. This is the easiest, most simple and fastest way to.

reverse phone lookup united kingdom
reverse phone lookup united kingdom

Fortunately, with the advancement of technology and especially internet people can now access these types of recordings anytime and anywhere. Called the 800 number and automation said they could not help me if i called from my phone. "our daughter stole our truck, bank cards, credit cards and the phone. You are able to change the number to which your calls are forwarded to at any time. 171 people found this article helpful. Consumers who provide credit or debit card numbers in response to a potential scam should take steps to protect themselves from possible identity theft, such as:. Reverse mortgages can use up the equity in your home, which means fewer assets for you and your heirs. If i use your cell phone number as my call forwarding number and you call me will it forward back to you. Free phone lookup by name and address. You can now reverse phone lookup any united kingdom based mobile or landline number straight from your pc.

reverse phone lookup united kingdom
reverse phone lookup united kingdom

Scan technology makes us the best service around. Used in to order to stop using your. One of the best services that are being offered to the public. As a parent, there are certain times when intuition tells you to be wary of their activities or who they associate with. Unfortunately, frequently these organizations claim to be able to do more than they really can. Locate any member of your family and anytime you want;. You'll find your phone number at the top of the screen, labelled my number. Find reverse phone numbers without paying phone calls we obtain nowadays happen to be 1 from the telemarketer.

They will provide your telecommunications system with a cost-effective virtual pbx system. Micro-usb chargers: this was the “standard” (so to speak) for years, and many smartphones and tablets use standard micro-usb connectors. Cell phone numbers are not considered part of the public domain so you need a reverse phone finder service to look them up. I've seen my share of kills. The number can be a mobile or landline phone. Or they may arrange long-term contracts to accomplish much the same results. No, unless you tell them. "we are not going to randomly phone bonnie and ask about travis because we respect his privacy.

International operator assistance is reached through. Do not be fooled by other so called "free" services. Create a virtual x11 server on the firewall. Than with many other phone companies. Hilariously, i had taken a selfie with them earlier in the night when we were all still bffs. United kingdom reverse phone number lookup is a service that allows individuals and businesses to locate someone they are looking for with greater ease. But on all subsequent days i’ve tried centurylink sites, emails, troubleshooting, send letters to the ceo and i will be sending one to the fcc. So even if you are on a tight budget, you are likely to find something that may suit your needs. Instead, mobile phone carriers have their very own personal database of details about. Reverse yellow pages phone lookup.

This data is then sent to a server via the internet, which you can access your personal computer or laptop. I sound like an add. Reverse image search on iphones cannot be done as easily as you normally would on a pc or mac. Its three mobile calling with new offers. Reverse lookup phone number usa. 1) search the phone number you want.

Online reputation management: do you have a criminal record. Take a bow for the new revolution. He set up an appointment at his friend's place in prospect house in arlingon. Press 1 for sms delivery or. So i used my work phone and i called and got someone instantly, now i'm not saying they are screening my calls, but it sure feels like it at this point. All thanks to you should contact if you have any hack related issues.

Cell phone number lookup by number. You can set up a virtual number that will forward calls to your private number. While the city associated with the phone number is available for free, any further information comes at a cost. Best phone number lookup site. We gon' show, you how we party. The number may come from an area code that looks unfamiliar, and when the answering machine kicks on, they never leave a message.

Then you must opt out for mspy as it works on every device and os except symbian and blackberry. Type the county name until it appears, then click on it to view available records. It is important to note, however, that the data uses the top speed for only the first 1. You might as well start planning the family reunion right now. [mind you - i haven’t nor ever intended to cheat. When you ought to get a mobile phone, spend some time and perform some price comparisons in actual brick-and-mortar stores.

Sometimes you'll get a message in you inbox from a. For instance, if you are checking information about people you are going to hire, you are going to need a background checker for a month at most. Their montreal directory listings are quite comprehensive.   this gave rise to a consideration in the judgment of the total evidence led by each party, including the evidence of one independent expert for each party. Wide range of call handling and routing options deliver to a business operation. To conclude, we just want to mention that you don’t necessarily have to buy expensive commercial equipment in order to start a lawn care maintenance business. Someone named himself jason smith called me immediately after i registered in sam and told me my registration cannot be complete till i pay $3500 to the account of “federal registration “. Reverse searches can tell you the name, service provider, and address to which a phone number is stored. These are the cell phone spy programs that i have tried and tested and am happy to recommend. Moreover, we may be forced to check if the office phone is used in a proper way.

This money is designed to help you pay for your books and registration fees. Finally he said, with consummate feeling, “i’m fucking mad that that stuff is going on. But use the trail because i had a friend of mine's daughter (14) was "dating" a 17-year-old. In history before the arrival of computer and internet it absolutely was quite not possible to go looking concerning phone variety owner. The trio managed to do a lot of good, but when doyle had a vision of buffy in danger at thanksgiving, angel immediately returned to sunnydale to help against hus, a native american vengeance spirit accidentally set free by xander harris' construction crew. A number of other numbers can also called for free from mobiles,. My phone account and personal information was stolen through this company, probably an inside job. Additionally, that may even make you to think very seriously about this issue.

Reverse Phone Lookup United Kingdom

Not serious regarding curtailing credit card fraud. How to block a number on text now. Had i actually been able to speak to someone, i may have rated this better than 1 star. According to wikipedia every u. This limit may be raised or lowered, depending upon your needs and payment history. Who knows if you will get it, you would need to request and find out. The same laws that generally prohibit illegally accessing someone's online accounts also prevent illegally accessing their accounts with third party tools, such as a mobile phone spy app. We only ask that you are able to provide you the phone number. While he waited, he explained to me the actual function of the system and how it was suppose to work.

Not only is call forwarding with virtual phone numbers painless and simple thanks to tollfreeforwarding. (you can’t change or add to the information listed under the work heading. For example, say you search for information on a person named “pam weiners. If the city you would like to know the telephone prefix for is local, that city's telephone prefix numbers will be in the introductory pages of the white pages phone book. My husband will be leaving your service after 10 years totally because of this. You are the "poster" girls and guys that ever other site should try to imitate but can never duplicate.

Thgis weebsite and preovides iit a glance regularly. Don’t worry, i have a solution here. I was in tears because she was laughing as she said this. We help medicaid members get the health care they need in 32 michigan counties across the state. All others will be plastic.

In this chain of thoughts, it's evident that filling up a request to the dvm is the best and most accurate way of conducting. Survey organizations should acquire spam warning and call blocking apps on phones used to detect call blocking and spam filtering. " also, they make sure that the records are current. Com they have a happy hour where you can search premium (unlisted numbers, cell phone numbers, etc. I keep these in my back pocket and often copy/paste them to the next project.

All you have to do is signup with tollfreenumber. Using our free vanity number picker, we’ll help you come up with a phone number. Coca cola came to town. Besides, telstra mobile phone deals are a must if you plan on moving to australia for an extended period of time. If you can’t physically take a part the phone and insert the simcard into the simcard reader, you won’t be able to access the data. These features will block or screen calls from private numbers, but they will also do the same to any number outside of those on the approved list, whether the incoming number is blocked or not. Wilson was reading these blogs, him having a waiting list (didn’t like it but it shows you are in demand), and that several of your patients are willing to be references to potential new patients and they willing to talk to them on the phone.

Then again, don’t… because you will only find yourself back in the regular cue and traveling the world only to wonder where your call will be answered next. It’s not a healthy situation. It was a heart emoji (💕). Had spokeo subscription two days. For a small fee, this site will allow you to perform reverse lookups on cell phones, as they have access to directories that include mobile phone numbers. Being able to reunite lost friends and family across the country is a gratifying part of the work we accomplish here at the control group every day.

Be sure to read the full reviews i have written on each of these products and then choose the program that will work on your phone, suit your budget and offer the reporting you need – easy. Whether you record your own greeting or use the automated greeting is entirely your decision, but using a custom greeting usually projects a more approachable, friendly image of your company to incoming callers. The other use case is for situations where your site experiences an extreme data throughput (more than 100 mbit/s) where properly designed revers proxy servers can deliver a much higher throughput for cached data than most traditional web servers. These beautiful treasure trove of screen shots [sic] going to play well when i meet her. Your most recent pay stubs if applicable. I paid anywho to track a number but i am not satisfied with the results.

In terms of price, corded trimmers are almost always cheaper than cordless models. There is talk of all the various cell phone carriers getting together at some point and making one freely available. Each area code has its own search page. Where i lived vasectomy reversals were around $10,00 and up. He couldn’t even use “his portion” of it as collateral. Still, even though the system does not dial disconnected numbers, larimer county officials acknowledge that there are many homes for which they have no accurate number. You can create a google account. The non-transitory computer-readable medium of claim 1, wherein the initiation request includes a phone number identifying the recipient device, wherein the participation request is directed to said phone number.

Our records go back over 10 years. Reverse phone number lookup free results. The reason why it is difficult to get details about a cell phone number is that they have been removed from public directories and this is backed by legislation. United kingdom reverse phone lookup is a service provider who gives you this extraordinarily overwhelming and tremendously helpful service is free of charge. - text now number tracker. If you have mild circles go for a liquid formula, darker discoloration will need a heavier cream or cake concealer. Spy phone camera is the best. If the phone is under any financing. You can first try a free directory, if you wish. All area codes in canada are exactly 3-digits long.

It’s a public duty, i’ve heard, to occupy as much of their time as possible, in order to ensure that their activities are as unprofitable as possible. You need to add a device to a network to actually take ownership of it. Connectivity, the company behind the service, has bought details of 16million phone numbers - around 40 per cent of those in regular use in the uk. Over the years i’ve experimented with twilio, an api-based service for phone and sms messages. What kind of information can you expect to find using a cell phone research service. This tends to come in handy with him a fantastic when herrrs in possible danger.

Lift the panel of the phone line box upward. The cost of 1800 number calls for customers depends on three things: the type of phone the caller is using (mobile or landline), the telco that provides their phone service, and their current phone plan. Before they can spy on a cell phone without having it, an individual must gain consent or have authorization to monitor that device. Incident if you receive such calls. I would not recommend centurylink to anyone. You’ll see in that original post i did verify that those links were indeed paid for. The idea is sound, but often there are no guarantees when it comes to stolen or lost phones.

“we knew to anticipate more obvious use cases like craigslist and dating,” he said. I hate t-mobile as well. Most common problems faced now. Check if the payment structures of the websites are secure. Because data is accurate and recent, we have been able to boost confidence in all the leads our clients receive, which has drastically improved our client satisfaction. If your getting "anti-social" calls in the middle of the night then you need to first of all speak to the network provider and put in a complaint to their complaints department.

Unfortunately, men often treat these incidents as a joke initially and women commonly react hysterically to often minor incidents. The reverse cell phone search directories now provide full telephone details for landline phone and cell phone numbers. 00 i can change the number, but it won't be to a number of my choosing. You can usually get their email from google dorks or from a database. So, snoopers don't necessarily need full access to your gadget and a bit of time, plus the range of phones they can attack has gone up. Is it william or wilhelm.

She also published a book in 2008 called “extraordinary circumstances: the journey of a corporate whistleblower” that talked about her life, worldcom and her lessons learned. So, if you are calling from the uk you dial the full mobile number 07xxx xxxxxx. By making use of this solutions you may eliminate the main advantages these individuals currently have comcast phone directory - their being anonymous. Made me feel shitty because i had to provide photos and id card photos to do it. One of the big selling points was the time savings, where it would take you 80 hours a week or some crazy number if you did it yourself, filling out forms and keeping up with all of the new services that aggregate and sell this stuff. Phone lookup by name free. Reverse phone lookup services not only provide owners' details but also help in tracing back people.

You do not have to sign in or sign up to reverse lookup phones in united kingdom. Occasions, there may be an unsuccessful  search where your. Cos you got my heart caught in a rope. Record, while bonham and jones picked their symbols from a book. This is not my fault and i should have not been billed for termination fee and insurance.

We only have one earth. It depends on people that how they use it. I suspect that a relative or friend is being targeted by unscrupulous telemarketers. Phonespector claims that it will collect texts, calls, gps, facebook, twitter and more from virtually any phone. Normally, hidden smart phones app could mean that these features are used to do nasty things like stalking other people, hiding gallery and messages and even cheating on partners. In case of emergency or security threats, the police authorities can trace a cell phone number owner's identity and location, by taking help from the cell phone company. The federal trade commission (ftc) and the state attorneys general, however, have recently received numerous consumer complaints about 800 and international telephone number scams. Reverse phone lookup united kingdom online. Name your object and finalize any additional settings (we suggest using an auto-number for the record names). *caregivers should make sure every phone has the appropriate phone number displayed on it in places children frequently visit.

If it has already made its way on a web page, google will bring it up for you. With the advent of the internet and some services, information is much easier (and cheaper) to get if you know where to look. These tips may sound simple but they are important things to consider before you try and use a reverse email search. Com does these cuts for you pertaining to russia phone numbers. If i'm sitting on the couch and a call comes in, i'll answer it on my galaxy s4 in the phone application, because that's where my android phone tends to live when i'm at home. If your use is even smaller than 1gb of data per month, republic allows you to select no data whatsoever and keep your rate at the $15 for just unlimited talk and text. Lookup cell phone number owner free. After the call you want to trace has ended, enter the call return code and you should hear a voice message reading the telephone number of that caller, with the option to return the call.

Would you be interested in receiving free information about the programs that are available. Even if the person has an unregistered phone number, it is easy to discover his or her identity. Reverse phone number lookup business. Use the mail or telephone lines to transmit the fraudulent information. Sorry, i don't think such a thing exists for email addresses. Cell phone reverse phone lookup services are now growing in demand across the globe, but there are really only available in the us.

United Kingdom Reverse Phone Lookup Free

There is a 60 money back guarantee (refund), if you aren’t satisfied. You may say, not your problem, but to me it is a real, life threatening issue. I got my balance really quick for a tracfone zte citrine. Family feud: privacy famous avoid telemarketers occupation getting prank calls recently moved bill collector. Now for the rest of the complaints.

I remember him from those crazy days. It depends on if you have fios digital voice telephone service. This method is the most effective brute force filtering method, stopping well over 90% of spam, with new spammers being blocked daily. But, there’s something you can do. Soon afterward, he moved into his own apartment in sunnydale, where he put himself on a strict diet of pig's blood. If it doesn’t hit the first time, you might write the phone number a different way, like without the parentheses or hyphens. You have two options for centurylink installation: self-install or technician installation.

Ca, and it will come out on that phone as a free text message…including those friends with pay as you go and no time left. The base station forwards the call to mtso, where you can implement the dns server. [59] the main networks often agree to unlock handsets for a charge, either at the end of a contract or, for prepaid handsets, after several months. In this review, i'm going to look in-depth into the company's services. Com and tell us about it. It is possible to checkmate an opponent in 3 moves or even in 2, although such attempts are unlikely to succeed against any but the most foolhardy beginner, hence "fool's mate", which is the generally accepted name for short mates of this type.

” martin’s message was clear: we are way too lackadaisical about keeping our numbers private. This feature is also great, if you’re a home worker and don’t want people calling you in the evening. He never showed up, never called, and never answered his phone. [15]social engineering has been used to extract information from government sources or phone companies.   is this a reverse detective scam in the works, or does the service really work. Find a residential phone number. Reversee is an app that lets you edit images before using them to search google for similar images. When you buy software, you are actually acquiring a license to use it, not own it. While the mobile spy software is free to try, its initial cost is 439. The operator had to secure acceptance of the charges at the remote number before manually completing the call.

That was when we had to start dialing 10 numbers instead of 7 numbers. Note that the dataconnect plans are . Company cell phones are entrusted to a person. Google has always been the king of inquiry on the internet. I tested it on a samsung galaxy s5 (android 4. Most cell phone number reverse lookup searches work in the following way; after you register for the service, you can browse through a vast database of detailed phone subscriber records simply by entering any ten-digit phone number. Finding phone numbers is a very easy measure. I recently talked to one of your reps about an issue i was having that caused me to need a new phone replacement under warranty. For-pay databases like spokeo weren't used in season one, but they have since become a go-to resource for the duo.

The development in technologies generally has added a great deal in making our lives simpler and also the admittance of reverse phone look up providers is a such essential instance which we all can use to higher organize ourselves and obtain the data we are looking for at our fingertips. Or what if you are traveling to a destination where internet connectivity is just not up to the task of coping with colorful but bulky pages that you need to open just to check if there's a new message. If everything is reliably cited, it needs to stay. If only law enforcement and private investigators had access, then they could filter who gets it. Phone amego can recognize canadian phone numbers and try a sequence of reverse lookup services for canada until a match is found. However, phones are often significantly more expensive, unless the consumer opts for a basic phone. After that you need to change your default account for new contacts so that new contacts that you add on your iphone are stored in your gmail account. This relates to the regular version – mspy’s main iphone spy software. That should also include software solutions for masking your phone’s location. View their list of copycat rejection lines for numbers in los angeles, san diego, san francisco, boston, chicago, and other cities across the us.

To help the customers for various issues, they primarily have a faqs section which somehow sorts out a lot of confusion of the users. Buy the cheapest phone and the fewest minutes possible; once the porting process is done, you can flip the number into google voice for the usual $20 fee. For me, "a couple more raindrops" is a hopeful song. Yet, the person you seek may have accessed the internet and placed his or her information in one of the major databases that webseekpro accesses. A majority of companies offer these services at a fee, largely due to the fact that there are a large number of people in need of the services while others offer them free of charge. Mid-priced and budget devices are offered. My sms product is targeted at the us market and i'd be happy to send sms messages to any phone that would receive them. How can i get "ownership" of a very specific phone number. Register your mobile with the telephone preference service.

1) at&t coverage and quality is hit or miss. Your trust is very important to us and we keep you information completely secure and anonymous. Find peoples phone number for free. Part 4: track a cell phone number by buddy locator. Please note that this setting may block some legitimate calls, such as incoming international long distance. If you are currently in these situations, reverse phone detective would be right for you. Thank you thank you thank you for everything you do. Toll free & local numbers in 120+ countries.

The provider says that your free web site will be up and running. I was a moth to her flame named martyr. As the rmcc, our assigned task is to effectively coordinate major medical resources during planning/preparation, response, and recovery from a mass-casualty incident or disaster in the upper cumberland area. Connection between your logic app and that service. Out standard wireless rear view camera work flawlessly up to 70ft.   |   the one that got away. Com blog and set it to invitation only. On the other side, if you ‘re not in a hurry, and you can spend the time searching, then, use any of the following options we recommend that are free of charge.

• require all potential tenants to complete a uniform application. Two days later a rep called me – i asked them to call me back since i was driving and could not talk,the women told me she would call me back in 5 min. Once you have set the ball rolling and both of you are comfortable start bringing up new sexier topics. All thanks to the proliferation of the internet, it is now easier to search for a caller’s identity than ever before. When the topic turns to sebastian and how powerful he is, jia calls for helen to bring her younger siblings and emma with her to the front of the room. When someone makes a local phone call -- or even a long distance call within his or her county of origin -- the dialing pattern is seldom taken into consideration.

There is a site called club penguin. This article is published for information purposes only. Dozens of other domains you can use. If you are considering a reversal don’t hesitate to use dr david. In this ballad, willis sings of a man who takes a trip, telling his wife he'll talk to her that night. Even then, many reverse cell phone directories don’t possess complete information in their databases. Cell phone area code lookup. Applicants in the state of illinois must register with the illinois department of financial professional regulation. Graphic symbols used to designate telephone service or phone-related information in print, signage, and other media include ℡ (u+2121),. Peter welch that would close the reverse morris trust (rmt) tax loophole and save taxpayers $260 million.

Make sure you orient your phone in landscape mode to avoid creating a video that is recorded sideways. I’ve made reverse phone reviews and found out these prices are the best on the web for such types of products. Phone amego supports these through configuration options to specify "popup" or "website" mode, as well as the number of lookups permitted per day or month. Generally, you can take out up to 60 percent of your initial principal limit in the first year. The features included with evoice’s virtual phone number are:. You could be assigned a dial-in number that begins with 844 for your next conference because these are the only numbers available to intercall for provisioning and distribution. The post-crisis version of the character was introduced in the 1987 storyline. Cnet's charlie cooper got a call one day from the irs -- or so the caller claimed. It would also give the beautician assurance to have their customers come back next time. The person told me everything was ok and not to worry.

Also, while these installment or lease plans are. However, with cell phone numbers it’s almost impossible to find out the identity of the person behind the phone number. White pages allow you to enter the name of the person you have lost touch with and get the present address and phone number of that individual. You can also use this updated database to notify authorities if they have committed mistakes. So one person might be an enfp while another person might be an isfj, and so on. Using reverse look up with phone number, you can ask them to remove your number from their to-call lists. If you head to the app's main settings menu, you can tweak a few features — namely the pop-up dialog that appears when receiving a call. The “responsibility for determining predicate compliance with [rule 4(a)(6) ] is vested in the district court”. Detailed household info, such as family members. Steps to find people using reverse phone lookup.

I have been a t-mobile customer for several years and have three active phones on my account. Our phone search allows you to identify an unknown caller using our site's compiled number lookup database. At speeds up to 100 mbps, cable service exceeds dsl internet by five times. Them an email, even if you haven't 'befriended' them, and can connect straight with them there. But even if you laugh off that request — you're wise enough to know it's a scam — you may discover you've still been duped, simply because of the area code you used. For more information about fcc rules regarding the retention and availability of a cable company’s public records, see the following fcc’s consumer guide:. You can also block specific numbers, area codes or prefixes with the system’s call blocking.

Certainly, reverse telephone lookup may help in recognizing prank, unregistered or fake calls. Users ask some frequent question regarding facebook are given below:. Welcome to cool phone tracker. This smart cell phone tracking app costs $22. Below is a general overview on what tools and methods we have at our disposal, follow the relevant links for a more detailed article on each method described.